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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

TV: Dindi Daily. Fri., Feb. 1, 2019

Welcome to Dindi Daily, for Friday, February 1.

On Thursday, the Ruffy-Caveat-Terip Terip fires were described by the CFA as “contained.
The blaze is in the Boathole Bridge Rd area, south of the Ruffy township, is urrounded by a graded earth firebreak
Most firefighters returned home to rest, returning at first light Friday. Firefighting aircraft and earthmoving equipment. will be on the job first thing.
Local residents do not need to be concerned by anincrease in fire activity. Back-burning is part of the fire plan to burn out any unburnt country during the cooler and calmer weather during the night, said a CFA spokesman.
A community meeting is being held at the Ruffy Community Hall at 10am Friday.

Two fires hit the Kinglake West area late Thursday, in heavy timbered country, several kilometres north of the township. The fire was continuing overnight in the Mt Robertson State Forest area.

Some Flowerdale residents were left without electricity for up to 24 hours, and 23 Glenburn properties had no power in the early hours of Friday. AusNet Service said the matter was “under investigation”.

Local MP Cindy McLeish is encouraging local residents to have their say on how water is used in the Murray Darling Basin Plan
A community information session will be held at Y Water Discovery centre in Yea between 12 Noon and 1 o’clock, on Monday afternoon.

Clear Weather is expected for Friady. Alexandra, a top of 29. Eltham 26. Healesville 28. Kinglake 24. Marysville 26. Whittlesea 25. Yea 29. With warmer weather over the weekend.

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